SMEs, Grow Wisely and Thrive: Add Business Intelligence and KPIs to Tally Solutions & Succeed!

Small to medium sized businesses, currently using Tally Solutions to manage accounting and financial information can leverage their investment by adding business intelligence to the mix, thereby improving the quality and pace of business decisions, using key performance indicators (KPIs) and a user-friendly, mobile, personalized BI tool.

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Article By: Arbuda Dave

Government Agencies Should Look Hard at Business Intelligence

Government agencies are often the last to adopt new technology. One of the reasons for this hesitance is cost, but there are plenty of other factors that keep these organizations from capitalizing on new tools. In the case of business intelligence, the cost can be affordable and the value and benefit is undeniable. Click here:…



What’s the Buzz? Great Dashboard Software Will Tell You!

What’s the Buzz? Great Dashboard Software Will Tell You! What’s the buzz? In social media, it is quite literally, what everyone is talking about. In business, ‘the buzz’ should be based on business intelligence (BI), and it should be what every team member is talking about. That buzz should drive the changes and leveraged opportunities…


ElegantJ BI Launches Business Intelligence and Reporting for Tally® Customers

ElegantJ BI, a Business Intelligence (BI) suite announces off-the-shelf, ready to use business intelligence application for Tally® ERP customers. Based in Bangalore, India, the Tally® Solutions suite of accounting and business application products is widely used by small and medium sized businesses, in the Middle East, India, Africa and other countries. Powered by unique Managed…