BI Tools for Data Democratization and Data Access

Achieve Data Democratization with the Right Self-Serve BI Tool

Achieve Data Democratization with the Right Self-Serve BI Tool Data democratization does not involve the process of diversifying data so that there is something for everyone. It involves the democratization of meaningful ACCESS to data! If you don’t think your business users need data, you need to think about the tasks you assign these users…



BI Dashboards: ‘Design Once, Use Anywhere’! What a Concept!

BI tools and mobility are not mutually exclusive! Most of today’s BI tools vendors claim to support Mobile BI. But when you actually look at the tools, you find that development, publishing, usage scenarios, usability, and effectiveness, fall far short of comprehensive mobility support. Dashboards designed by most of the BI tools do not allow…



Debunk BI Myths with ElegantJ BI

Today’s Business Intelligence market is in the midst of an evolution, giving businesses many options and choices for BI tools and vendors. But, this plethora of tools can make it difficult to sort through promise and claims. ElegantJ BI is built on the core principle of business user empowerment and BI democratization. We believe that…



Heads Up, Financial and Accounting Pros! Business Intelligence Tools Make a Difference

Every organization has to juggle information. Information and data come from every corner of the enterprise, and can include databases, data warehouses, best-of-breed systems, legacy systems, and specialized systems like ERP, HR, Finance, Accounting, Warehousing and others. Important data is also contained in spreadsheets, email, documents, partner and supplier systems and other sources. When a…



Case Study: India-Based BPO Company Implements Flexible BI Tools and Reporting

ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence solutions and services provide true BI tools and reporting flexibility to an India-Based Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company. The ElegantJ BI team provided a simple, practical deployment process, with minimal training requirements, which allowed the IT team to take control of the implementation phase and roll out the solution across the…