True Self-Serve BI Treats Employees Like Customers

There has been a lot of talk about data democratization and self-serve business intelligence (BI). There are many reasons why BI vendors and customers are interested in self-serve BI tools. For BI customers, the need to involve all team members in driving business results is a no-brainer. For BI vendors, the need to satisfy customer…



Rich Saved the Day with On-the-Fly BI Tools!

Rich Saved the Day with On-the-Fly BI Tools! I have a lot of friends but not every one of them gets it (if you know what I mean?) All of them understand how important it is to have access to business intelligence and to give access to their teams but, of all my friends, Rich…


Deep Dive Analysis-Discovery

Visual Analytics is for Monitoring. Deep Dive is for Discovery!

Handling large amounts of data for business analytics can be challenging. To defeat data overload and manage those mountains of data, you need smart aggregation and consolidation of relevant data encompassing appropriate contextual information over a relevant period. New BI tools have made this job easier with deep dive technology that enables simple analytics and…



Mobile Business Intelligence for Business Clarity and Agility

Today’s business users are mobile, so business intelligence must be mobile! To satisfy user requirements, your business must provide flexible BI and CPM with dependable, accessible, intuitive interface that will allow users to perform tasks, analyze data, and receive and act on critical alerts while on the road, or working in a home office or…



InMemory Vs Managed Memory Computing

Let me start with recent past or I would say past? Traditional business intelligence tools and corporate performance management solutions typically use an IO-based processing technique that makes the compilation and analysis of data a slow process. It limits processing and speed from hardware resources that use extensive IO to read and write to and…



ElegantJ BI Joins With Tally Solutions to Offer Tally Customers Integrated BI Tools

ElegantJ BI is proud to announce its ISV relationship with Tally Solutions, combining Business Intelligence with the popular Tally® accounting solution. The ElegantJ BI business intelligence Tally® partnership benefits small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), by supporting their ongoing usage of the popular Tally® ERP and accounting solution, and helping Tally customers to leverage the…