Business Intelligence, Fast ROI, Low TCO: What’s Not to Like

Business Intelligence, Fast ROI, Low TCO: What’s Not to Like You’re looking to implement a business intelligence solution with some great dashboard software and lots of features and tools like balanced scorecards, key performance indicators (KPIs), what-if and sensitivity/impact analysis, forecasting, predictive analysis, personalized dashboards, self-serve BI tools, custom alerts, clear, concise reporting, OLAP analysis,…



Imagine the Possibilities! BI Tools Take You to the Top!

There is no doubt that business intelligence is making businesses (and their employees) smarter, faster and better at everything from competing in the market to satisfying their customers, optimizing resources and creating new products and services. The popularity of BI Tools is undeniable and, as you might expect, recent studies and research validates the growth…


ElegantJ BI Releases Integration API for Embedded Business Intelligence Analytics Within Applications

ElegantJ BI recently launched version 4 of its BI Suite, with easy-to-use API integration for 3rd party applications. ElegantJ BI is the flagship business intelligence product of Elegant MicroWeb, a software company, located in Ahmedabad, India and specializing in Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management. Elegant MicroWeb CEO, Kartik Patel says, “Our new version 4.0…