Think BIG, Act Small! Simplify Your Life By Choosing the Right BI Tool

Your business is unique. Your processes, resource management, financials, locations, products and services are unique to your company, its structure and its management team and business preferences. As the business grows, it will become more difficult to be as nimble as you were in your start-up days and to effectively manage your expenses, revenue and…



Here’s to BI Independence and Data Democratization

Here’s to BI Independence and Data Democratization A few months ago, I established my own Declaration of Independence! Not the political kind, mind you, but rather the technical kind. As you know, I spend a lot of time writing about Business Intelligence solutions and one thing I am particularly passionate about is protecting my freedom…



ElegantJ BI: Visual Analytics Monitors, Deep Dive Discovers

ElegantJ BI is one of India’s few BI product companies and offers unique Managed Memory Computing technology. ElegantJ BI CEO, Kartik Patel says that customer demands are changing rapidly and, BI vendors must provide data discovery as well as data monitoring to help customers succeed. Not so long ago, BI customers were satisfied with data…